The Probate Process: It’s a Team Effort

As a real estate agent, I’ve met many people who have struggled through the probate process. It’s a huge responsibility that quickly becomes complex for you to navigate if you’re lacking a strong probate strategy. Putting together a team of specialists to help you find solutions for the legal, logistical and emotional challenges of probate is the key to a smooth process.

Assign a Project Manager

Whether it’s the executor/executrix, another family member or a professional experienced in some aspect of probate, make sure you have someone managing the entire process. Just like any project, one person needs to coordinate all details and have a “big picture” view of what needs to happen and who’s responsible for each action item.

For example, the home might need a clean-out or some repairs before it can be put on the market. You’ll probably have an attorney, real estate agent, financial advisor and other professionals performing different probate tasks.

Think of me as your “Probate Project Manager,” serving as a facilitator between you, your probate attorney and other service professionals.

Selling the Home & Valuables

Other than an attorney, your most valuable resource during the probate process is a real estate agent who’s experienced and trained in handling the intricate details of probate and inherited property sales. A good real estate agent will do these things for you:

  • Provide an accurate property valuation or analysis with recommendations to maximize sale price.
  • Consult with family members and heirs to help achieve consensus.
  • Prepare a plan to reduce the property’s time on the market.
  • Arrange needed repair bids.
  • Refer you to an estate liquidator (auction or estate sale professional) to appraise and/or sell personal possessions.
  • Coordinate the clean-out of the property and arrange to donate remaining personal possessions to charities.
  • Market and sell the home or other property.
  • Obtain “as-is” offers from cash buyers/investors to expedite the sale.

I work with a variety of solution providers who are experts in their fields and work together to reach the outcome YOU desire. Let my network of experts guide you and deliver the results you deserve.

It’s my mission to help you maintain control of the process with a team of reliable professionals supporting you with quality, honesty and integrity!

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