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The Probate Process: It’s a Team Effort

As a real estate agent, I’ve met many people who have struggled through the probate process. It’s a huge responsibility that quickly becomes complex for you to navigate if you’re lacking a strong probate strategy. Putting together a team of

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The Money Side of Downsizing

Is your mortgage payment taking away from other things you’d rather spend money on? Is your home becoming a “money pit” with repairs and updates being needed? Do you really need all that space to live comfortably? While downsizing to

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Estate Settlement: Go with the Pros

Coping with the loss of a loved one is always difficult. If you’re also serving as a personal representative or executor/executrix of their estate, it’s even more challenging and emotionally draining. Often, you must make many decisions in areas where

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How to Feel Good About Downsizing

feel good about downsizing

As you move closer to retirement, downsizing can seem like a no-win situation. After all, no one loves the idea of getting rid of possessions and “settling” for a smaller home. But waiting until it’s time to move isn’t the

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What’s Your “Why” for Downsizing?

downsizing seniors

Chances are, when you bought your home you needed a lot of space for a growing family. Or maybe you just wanted a large home for all the amenities it offered. Whatever the reason, many home owners approaching retirement (or

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