Team Approach

We work as a team toward your best solution

You’re not in this alone. I’m your “head coach” and am comfortable working with you, other family members (such as adult children) and even caretakers. Using my team approach, we’ll work through all the questions surrounding the possibility of selling your home, such as:

Is moving really the best alternative?

What happens to all your possessions and heirlooms?

What are the tax implications?

Are there health or long-term care situations to consider?

Team Approach

I understand that selling a home you may have lived in for a lifetime may not be what you “really want to do.” Choosing a new place to live that you’ll love can be challenging. I collaborate with a variety of specialists serving those who are 55+, including estate planners, attorneys, CPAs, as well as a wide network of local community resources and service agencies. Together, we’ll all work to give you the best choices for your unique needs.